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Fraud Offences

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Fraud offences include:

Charges can be laid by both state and federal police. These charges are heard in all courts and the penalties differ greatly. The team of fraud lawyers and solicitors at Leanne Warren & Associates are dedicated to challenging the often complicated and conflicting evidence relied upon in these kinds of matters.

Obtaining Property by Deception

A person may be found guilty of an offence if they have obtained property belonging to another dishonestly, without consent, or with the intent to permanently deprive the other of that property.

Although this is a serious offence and the maximum penalty is 10 years’ imprisonment, there are numerous defences available to you if you have been charged.  You should contact one of our specialists as soon as possible, if you have been charged.

Obtaining Financial Advantage by Deception

It is an offence to dishonestly obtain any financial advantage by deception. It does not matter whether the financial advantage was obtained for the person themselves, or for another person.

For you to be found guilty of this offence, it must be shown that you engaged in deceptive and dishonest conduct, and as a result of that conduct, you have obtained a financial advantage for yourself or another person.

Prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you intended to act dishonestly and that the financial advantage obtained was meant to be. There are many defences which you should explore.

The maximum penalty for this type of offence is 10 years’ imprisonment. If you have been charged with such an offence you should contact one of our fraud lawyers immediately.

Social Security (Centrelink) Fraud

Social Security Fraud is an offence against the Commonwealth. It involves a person dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage against a Commonwealth entity. Most commonly this entity is Centrelink.

For you to be found guilty of a social security offence, it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt that you have engaged in conduct that has resulted in you obtaining a financial advantage which you know you were not meant to gain. As a result of that financial advantage you have caused a loss or injury to the Commonwealth.

It is a very serious offence, and usually warrants a term of imprisonment. However, there are many defences available.

If you have been charged with a fraud offence please contact one of our specialists immediately on 03 9670 6066.

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