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Leanne Warren and Associates is accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria

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One of Melbourne's largest specialist criminal law firms, Leanne Warren & Associates provide expert legal advice and representation in indictable and summary matters.

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When only the best criminal defence will do, Melbourne chooses Leanne Warren & Associates. An accredited criminal law specialist for over 23 years, Leanne Warren leads an experienced team of lawyers dedicated to getting the best possible result for clients accused of a wide range of criminal offences.

With extensive experience in sexual offences, drug offences, fraud, traffic charges and crimes of violence, Leanne Warren & Associates are Melbourne’s best legal defence against unjust sentences and wrongful convictions.

For honest, confidential and obligation free advice on how to defend your criminal charges, call the team at Leanne Warren & Associates today.

Our Ethos

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Defence driven and evidence focused, the experienced and motivated team at Leanne Warren & Associates seek to pursue justice for every client.


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Providing practical, expert advice 24/7, Leanne Warren & Associates understand your legal rights in relation to criminal charges, or allegations of criminal charges.

Our Team

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With over 50 years of combined experience in criminal law, the team at Leanne Warren & Associates provide Melbourne’s best legal advice and representation.

Our Specialist Areas of Practice

Dedicated Melbourne criminal law specialists, Leanne Warren & Associates are renowned for their expertise in defending criminal charges from drink driving to murder. With experience in the Children’s, Magistrates’, County, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, our expert team help you to achieve the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Want to know more about...?

Sex Offender’s Register

The sex offender’s register is a central information register for the storage of data on individuals who have been convicted of registrable sex offences. Anyone who has been convicted of a registrable sex offence may have their information and personal details stored on the register.

Drink Driving Penalties

Drink driving charges can be tricky to navigate, as there are various offences and penalties that fall under the umbrella of ‘drink driving’. New mandatory penalties to be introduced in early 2018 will make Victorian Traffic Law arguably the harshest in Australia.

Contesting a speeding fine

There are numerous myths on disputing a speeding fine. The simple rule is that if you are caught exceeding the speed limit, you are guilty of an offence. The penalties for speeding are based upon the amount you exceed the speed limit.

Damage to Property

Under Victorian law, it is an offence to intentionally cause the destruction of, or cause damage to property belonging to another. It is a defence to a charge of destroying or damaging property if you had a ‘lawful excuse’ to do so.

Falsification of Documents

Whilst the offence of Forgery no longer exists, it is an offence to knowingly falsify, or misrepresent, documents. Falsifying a document means to make a document appear to be genuine, such as if it was authorised, signed or created by someone who did not actually authorise, sign or create it.

Drug Possession

In Victoria, the most common charge relating to possession of drugs is possession of a ‘drug of dependence’. The legislation differentiates between types and amounts of drugs, providing several other categories of offences, relating to possession, use, production and trafficking.