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The ethos at Leanne Warren & Associates is based on a very strong defence driven force of motivated staff, seeking justice for all of our clients.

We aim to achieve the best possible result for all of our clients in the circumstances of their particular case.

The thorough analysis of evidence is an imperative part of all cases we take on. Our defence lawyers Melbourne work as a criminal defence team to ensure there is sufficient evidence to prove our client’s case.

Our staff share empathy with our clients, who are often facing significant difficulties in their lives, assisting them every step of the way. Communication and trust are crucial values our staff ensure are delivered to our clients. We are prepared for all challenging situations.

The barristers whom we brief for our client’s cases are considered based on the Ethos we share at Leanne Warren & Associates.

Leanne Warren, the Principal, brings over 31 years of criminal law experience and Leanne provides a supportive leadership that instils the core values in her defence lawyers and sets Leanne Warren & Associates apart from any other criminal law firm in Melbourne.

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Leanne Warren and Associates formed in 1995 as a result of the strong desire of Leanne Warren to represent her client base after the dissolution of the practice Grace Warren Hale of which she was a partner. Leanne Warren and Associates is one of Melbourne’s largest specialist criminal law firms providing legal advice and representation in indictable and summary matters in Victoria and interstate.