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Drug Offences

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Drug offences and charges relate to the use, possession or trafficking of drugs of dependence.

A drug of dependence includes any drug which is prohibited by a Victorian or Commonwealth Law. Such drugs include cannabis, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.  Precursor chemicals used to manufacture drugs of dependence are also included.


You can be charged with using a drug of dependence if you have smoked, injected or consumed one of these substances. You can also be charged with this offence if you have been found using a drug of dependence or merely admitting that you have.

If you are found with one of these substances on your body or on your property then you may be charged with possession. However, it must be proven that you were aware that the drugs were on your property.


Trafficking commonly refers to the distribution, manufacture or sale of drugs. If you have a certain amount of a drug in your possession, you may be charged with trafficking. The trafficable quantity varies depending on the particular drug.  See the chart below.

Drug Trafficable Quantity
Amphetamine 3 grams
Methyl amphetamine 3 grams
Cocaine 3 grams
Heroin 3 grams
Ecstasy 3 grams
Cannabis 250 grams or 10 plants


The seriousness of the offence depends on the type and amount of the drugs and the circumstances surrounding the alleged offence. The greater the amount of drugs involved, the more serious the penalty could be. If you are found guilty of a drug offence you may be subject to a fine, community-based sanction, or possibly a term of imprisonment.

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